Freedom Checks FAQs

What Are ‘Freedom Checks’?

‘Freedom checks’ are the name we have given to the monthly (or quarterly) distributions that investors receive from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Think of them as “dividend” checks from regular companies, but they are called “distributions” when being paid by an MLP.

How do I collect my ‘Freedom Checks’?

Depending on how your brokerage account or online trading account is set up, you will either receive your distributions (dividends) sent to your home or deposited into your online account just like traditional dividends.

What is “Statute 26-F”?

Statute 26-F, refers to the section of the IRS Revenue Code of 1986 that covers publicly traded partnerships that are treated as a corporation. The specific section of the code that applies to Master Limited Partnerships is under title 26, subtitle F. Therefore, the section of the code that allows MLPs to operate with their beneficial tax structure is what we call “Statute 26-F.”

Why Have I Never Heard of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) Before?

It’s likely that you have never heard of MLPs before because most brokers or financial advisors simply aren’t aware of them. These are unique, high-yield investments that many of the world’s wealthiest investors — like T. Boone Pickens — rely on for steady, reliable income.

How Can MLPs Pay Out Such High Amounts?

Because of their unique tax structure, MLPs must pay out 90% of their profits as a return of capital, allowing taxes to be deferred until you sell the MLP. This low tax rate allows higher yields from the investment, some as high as 10% to 13%.


Are These Investments Real? Or a Scam?
Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are 100% real and trade on the major stock exchanges like the NYSE and have a ticker symbol just like the stocks that you are familiar with.


Is My Money at Risk with MLPs?

Like any investment, there is the potential for you to lose your capital when you invest in MLPs.

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